Who we are
Who we are

Who are we?

We are a team of IT Experts in different technology domains and Business Professionals who provide very swift and responsible ICT Services and Solutions in the area of:


What do we provide?
What do we provide?

What do we provide?

Our Primary Business Goal is to provide the below services at an affordable price:

  • SECaaS - Security as a Service offered on a monthly basis.
  • Cloud Integration and Automation (DevOps).
  • Reliable and complete ICT services covering the specific customer’s technology domain.
  • Software House - Software Product Development services.

We are your Boutique IT shop and Service Provider, where you can find the necessary IT and Business skills to manage the entire lifecycle of your IT environment.


Why AV?
Why AV?

Why Advanced Vision IT?

  • We can provide you with an excellent value for a quite competitive price.
  • We want to be your partners and to grow with you.
  • We care for your business as we do for ours.
  • If you are successful, we are successful too.
  • We are proud of our work.
  • We can see the full picture of your ICT needs.


How do we do all of that?
How do we do all of that?

How do we do all of that?

  • We will go deep in understanding your business ideas or/and technical requirements.
  • We will do some brainstorming and present you with some solutions to choose from.
  • We will suggest you the best one and explain the drawbacks and advantages of every option so you can decide.

General Terms & Conditions of Business

These terms and conditions will apply in respect of all Services provided by the Company whether or not there shall be in existence any written or other express acceptance thereof by the Client.


The parties to this agreement are:

  • Advanced Vision Devs Ltd (the Company) which expression shall where the context allows include its employees agents and subcontractors.
  • The person, firm, or company named as Client (the Client).


  • Subcontractor means any person whose services the Company engages or makes use of to perform the whole or any part of the services the subject of this contract.

Limited Liability

  • The Company shall not be liable for any claims regarding the physical functioning of equipment/media or the condition or existence of data on storage media supplied before, during or after service. We apply all necessary organizational and technical measures provided for in the Personal Data Protection Act.
  • In no event will the Company be liable for any damage to the laptop/desktop/ servers or any other equipment, loss of data, loss of revenue or profits, or any special, incidental, contingent, or consequential damages, however caused, before, during or after service.
  • The Company liability of any kind with respect to the services, including any negligence on its part, shall be limited to the contract price for the services.

Electronic Communications

  • When you visit our site (www.advisiondevs.com) or send emails to us, you are communicating with us electronically, and thereby consent to receive communications from us electronically. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.


  • The Company agrees not to disclose any and all information or data files supplied with, stored on, or recovered from client's equipment except to employees or agents of the Company subject to confidentiality agreements or as required by law.


  • The Client shall pay for the service as agreed with the Company.  Invoices must be settled on presentation.
  • In default of payment the Company shall cancel the scheduled service.

Whole Agreement

  • These terms and conditions constitute the entire terms and conditions and may not be amended altered varied transferred or assigned by the Client their servants or agents without the prior written consent of the Company.
  • The Company reserves the right from time to time to vary or modify these terms and conditions and its scale of fees as it thinks fit. Any variation sought by the Client to the terms and conditions from time to time published may only be made by written agreement with the Company.


The contract and these Terms and Conditions shall be construed and governed by the Laws of Bulgaria.